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their top 50 stupid ideas list. you -- >> you look good tonight. do you have a date? >> i have a date with you and our viewers. >> you look extra scrumptious. >> we will talk about your glasses after the show. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she is often mistaken for a tiki torch. i am here with ann coulter. her latest book came out tuesday. it is called "mugged, 50 delightful ways to house your hot cocoa, tea and other steaming fluid." i thought it was something political. if hilarity was a play house i would enter him from the rear. he is writer and comedian andy hen dribbing son. >> wow, that was -- >> his late ease comedy cd is called "underachiever." and my sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so tough that kevlar wears him on dangerous
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missions, it is our special forces terry sappart. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> thank you for the clarification, sound person. now that he is in jail, will pete per veil? they ordered had man behind the anti-easy lament -- anti-islam film to be detained because he is a flight risk. it sparked violent mideast protests and now they say he violated his term for a check fraud conviction for which he served 21 months in prison by lying to his probation officers and using aliases. didn't know that was against the law. and he was bared from using the computer or the internet for five years. the assistant d.a. said he was threat to run based on a, quote, lengthy pattern of deception. so i bet you are wondering what do a cat and monkey think about all of this?
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>> if you want to say part two you have to pay $40 to a german website. terry, now that this guy is de taifned will the mideast go back to the picture of tranquil tee? >> i hope so. the whole thing was on his head. what was his name? listen he is kind of a shady past. we have got guys with like $100,000 of money in the freezer , tax cheats, dudes with nightsticks outside polling stations. those guys are okay. get this guy in jail. >> we haven't found the terrorists yet, but we got him. >> by the way, the world will love us again. >> andy, welcome to the show. glad to see you. very clean cut comedian. doesn't have the drug problems. >> he smells good too. >> was this really about probation violations or was it
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about something else? >> they are holding on to him as a bargaining chip in case extremists get a nuclear weapon. remember the guy with the anti-muslim video. we'll trade you. >> that is actually a good idea. anne, what do you think about this? >> are we appeasing muslim extremists by jailing him? only one of those two answers. >> this seems a little like -- i don't think we are arresting and jailing everyone with a probation violation. but i did go on-line, and i watched the trailer to his movie, and i don't think it is any worse than the movies with jennifer lopez. it is time for the producers of those movies to be arrested. >> do you include -- is it jiggly? >> gili. but it was jigly. >> when that movie was released, there was rioting in new jersey and 40 people died. but they didn't arrest her or
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the other guy. >> affleck. >> i always think of the duck when i hear that. we haven't heard the side of the film maker's story. should we reserve judgment? >> no, this guy should be killed. you know why? well, i mean kill him with kisses. have any of you seen "catch me if you can"? this delightful 20th century fox move -- movie clearly states if you have an alias and forge checks no fbi guy will be of use finding you. i don't care how many pilots you i'm person nate. listen to leo. jay here is what drives me crazy. >> where did we go with that? >> i don't know. he had a long day. anne, two things. where the hell is hollywood? they talk about freedom of expression. they go out and protect everybody. nobody. where is matthew modine. he is always out there on an an artistic thing. where is kathy bates?
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she is adorable. >> i tweeted this week because as you know "piss christ" is coming back. i tweeted that they were going to be displaying both "piss christ" and" piss mohamed" hoping to start a riot saying, no, no, we don't have "piss mohamed." >> that would be an interesting control group or study, if you will. >> or a bait and switch and you are uncovering cashus clay. >> where is aclu? where are they on this? we have every probation violation, and the jails would be full. but we had to get this guy. we saw him arrested. that was an intentional thing. to see that, hey, hey, hey, our lawen force meant people are on the case. they show him wrapped up. come on. >> this guy was a joker, but terrorists on the internet is no where near a terrorist who
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is a terrorist. andy, what about the new film coming out, the kathy bigelow film about the death of bin laden? what if that causes death? should she be picked up? >> yes. use it as a bargaining chip. >> right on, dude. now we have two. >> i like the way he thinks. from getting detained to negative campaigns. one stormed a bunker while the other got drunker. allen west released a brutal video highlighting where he and his opponent, patrick murphy, were in their lives -- where they were in their lives 10 years ago. and a florida businessman gets the business big time. have a looksy, looksiers? >> fort hood, texas. lieutenant colonel allen west prepares his men to go to war. that night south beach, miami. he is thrown out of a club for
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fighting and covered in alcohol and unable to stand. murphy then confronts and verbally assaults a police officer. patrick murphy was arrested and taken to jail. two men, a country in crisis. you decide. >> i'm allen west. i approve this message. >> that is probably the best campaign video ever. murphy's senior advisor hit back with a statement that said, quote, allen west is opening up what his military record was in 2003. he was criminally charged by the military with assault, and for violating the uniform code of military justice and was subsequently kicked out of the army. not really the truth. west resigned from the military with full benefits after being fined for firing a gun near a prisoner's head. let us turn to a 2010 appearance on this show. >> we found out that there was an iraqi police man who was tipping off the bad guys. we brought him in. he was being bough dash dosh be liger rent. i said, look, you tell me what i need to know and we'll take
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you out and shoot you. he thought i was kidding and he started laughing at me. then he told me he loved me. so we went out and i fired a round off the backside of his head. he starts singing like a caw nare re. they did pull me out of command and took me through a hearing. >> my hero. >> he is a hero. i mean, i love his hair. i could never pull that off. campaign managers reaction to the reaction of the reaction, quote one more time, the voters understand the difference between a combating leader trying to protect the lives of his soldiers and a spoiled brat like patrick murphy fighting in a south beach nightclub. patrick murphy is a disgrace. it is so on right now. terry, i go to you first because you are a military guy. west, that was a knockout. >> patrick murphy, drunk irish guy getting in a fight. weird. >> that is so racist. >> i am irish so i can say that. >> i am going to give uh ticket. >> i am irish and i will get away with that.
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>> and allen west was always a hero. he does the kind of stuff we all want to be able to do. basically his men were more important than anything. he knew he was going to get in trouble from doing that. he saved the lives of his guys. it is funny murphy's campaign is going, you don't want to pull that file out because it is like, dude, that's the biggest thing for him. the fact they are saying that -- do they know what they are stepping in right now? they are going to lose. >> andy, you come from a military family, i believe. perhaps i just made that up. is this politics at its worst or best? >> at its best. my dad used to fire a firearm right by my head. it always straightened me out. i think it is good policy. >> my dad just called it a firearm. >> i don't know what that means. >> and i wish i never heard it. i want your analysis on this battle. whose side are you on and why? >> first of all, that ad was
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unbelievably great. even if it had not been so great. if it was nothing but a trick to get murphy to bring this up it is worth it. i am totally with terry. what they do is they lie about what it is on msnbc. this man was court martialed. can you give us the details on the court martial? i think you can put the details of what allen west did. poll nothing but democrats. you will get 90% in his favor. >> bill, you were in the green room saying patrick murphy is a disgusting drunk and should beheld accountable for his constant drinking. >> afterwards i went outside and took a stone through a glass wall. it is a hobby. the big mistake patrick made was opening his mouth. if he just sat there and let it wash over america, what the guys were essentially saying was he was drunk when he was 19. again, he opened his big mouth and showed what allen did. everyone likes that, and there
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is nothing left to be done as far as the re-election is concerned aside from his campaign and buying the rights to the village people and their theme song. >> i will agree with bell on this note. i couldn't match in that comparison either. i was probably closer to what patrick murphy was doing, and i was 38. i was probably doing what patrick murphy was doing. however, i am not voting for me. i think we need more military guys in political office. if he ran for president i would like volunteer. >> i will put on my thing right now. i will volunteer to work for that guy. >> i don't want you to put out your thing. >> i whipped out my thing. >> can we get a blur up in this piece? >> red eye is a family show. from the powerful ad to a film that looked bad, it is anti-frabbing -- anti--fracking and i speak of promise land where matt damon
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goes into the small town to get the residents to allow the company to use fracking to get natural gas out of the ground. he runs into trouble and he tries to stop him. watch and puke, watch and pukers. >> this town, this life is dying. you can all see it coming and you just don't get out of the way. we are not fighting for land. we are fighting for people. >> you are a good man, steve. >> we are a $9 billion company. you know what we are capable of. do you? >> it will probably win best picture. it was not produced in association with a company from a country that might not want america to i oil production. boy did i blow that call.
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as the heritage foundation reports it is part of a company that is owned by the government of the united arab em rats. and they confirmed that the company helped finance the film. and this is what i love about this story. matt damon who plays these heroic characters is the actual big business villain with ties to eve corporations. >> yes, and hollywood finally exploring the nuances of hydrolic frabbing? i have been dying, but i do have a tip if you are a muslim sheik and you want to stay away from the jews and the gays, hollywood may not be the place for you. >> andy, if you were going to make this film, wouldn't you say to yourself, it might be bad if it was financed with mideast oil money? >> there was a miss communication and they made a
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pitch and said there is a movie with a lot of fracking. >> aren't you glad you are out dl defending the rights to take foreign oil money and take a propaganda film. >> that's why i did it. why join the army again? oh that's why. it is a cross between aaron brokovich and "the office". >> you can bet it will have a lot of this. >> he will go like hmm. it is about people. >> talk about a one-trick pony. >> it is pretty bad. the uae is keeping us from being independent and awesome. >> reducing our dependence on death pots, i think that's the word. i am not sure. it is friday. bill, they have been trying to drill in your pores for years
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now. >> this oil could use some noxema stat. and how dare you compare john craw -- krazinski to one pony. >> that is true. i rented four of your movies you made in mexico in the 1980s. >> they are not allowed to cross the borders. >> in all of damon's movies he is playing the whistle-blower, but in reality he is getting blown -- by the whistle. what a lying hipocritical joke. >> it is a fun switcheroo. now here is a movie i am ticked off about. >> and you will probably not go cut anybody's head off. >> they are warmongers. they want us to go to war with the middle east over oil. >> tied that up well. >> yes. i think i can link that. who knows? coming up, can you kill a man with your ear?
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terry will demonstrate this on bill during the break. >> stay away.
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sleep train's inventory clearance sale is ending soon. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses.
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get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ crunched nationwide 1234* that means all over the country. thanks to federal guidelines stemming from the michelle obama let's move campaign, and students say that is making them slugish. i love when they are slugish. kids at a new jersey high school were planning a lunch strike to protest their meager meals. said one youth who gets it, quote, if somebody is obese, why should someone like me who is not obese not suffer and eat a small meal when i would rather have a bigger meal. amen svelt young athlete.
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24r* are limits on protein and bread. these portions are indeed a smaller. meanwhile the brown bag industry is booming according to a fact i just made up. parents are forced to substitute their lunches at homemade of human flesh. >> so where does all of the uneaten health food end up? take a look. >> it is amazing how he gets around. andy, isn't the whole point of high school is having a bad, fattening lunch and geometry?
12:21 am
>> these students have a right to be concerned because if the obese kids don't get fed well, they will eat the skinny kids, and that's how they start the zombie apocalypse. thank you, michelle obama. >> that's an amazing linkage right there. and wasn't that for whom the bell tolls is about? the hemming way book with exactly that plot. i never really red -- read anything. i am guessing you are on obama's side on this, or do i have it backwards? >> well, i blame it on the video. >> how is the high school kid getting this right? our government can't even get that right. and there is even a black market trade, and i think it was somewhere in new bedford, massachusetts, that's a boston -- i can't even do it. kids were bringing in bottles of chocolate syrup and selling squirts. it is like a russian black
12:22 am
market based on our upcoming communist government president president -- government. >> they actually do that in russia. they go to mcdonalds and buy food and they buy it for people here in america. i blame you as ?b who only eats -- as somebody who only eats one meal a week. what advice do you have for these kids? >> if you are really going to make a statement you don't bring food to school. you go on a hunger strike. the skinny kids get skin me yes, sir and the fat kids are left diabetesy. that's when the boycott turns into a man cot. >> i had a man cot. i folded it up in my truck. this is socialism, people. one size fits all. it doesn't matter. it is for the greater good. it is neither great nor good. it is awful. >> but they are preparing us for the future under obama. very expensive food and starvation, and you don't learn to read or write. >> actually that's not so bad. >> unless you are playing
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video games and laying on your butt, that's a time your body is growing, and a lot of dudes are playing sports and girls too. stop. >> you don't need to read or write. seriously it is over rated. throw a football around. >> they are doing it to get out of class. >> that's true. but i like this protest. it is better than other protests. what am i talking about? i am going to the break. do you have a comment on the show some e-mail us on red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something not boring? go to fox eye. click on submit a video or sav for short. we might use it. the half time report from tv's andy levy, hopeless guy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by o copies, the plant eating animal that resembles a giraffe, but with a short neck. >> guests on "red eye" will
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receive a bike tour of sen tram park with the action -- central park. it is with text and lex. their mission is to show you a good time every time. guests on red eye stay at the econo comfort suite located minutes off exit 23 near the garden state parkway serving complementary breakfast.
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we're back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. a poor man's don scott. >> i am just so outraged right now. >> i was going to ask how you were feeling are you saying i am a john scott for the 47%? >> yes, you are. that's what you are. innocence of muslim film makers arrested. you said it is a crappy video. who is they? >> guys who make really weird movies. >> like aaron sorkin. >> sherwood schwartz? >> no, i said it twice. >> lses, greg, you said -- also, greg, you had said the assistant d.a. was a threat to run on a lengthy pattern of deception. lpa i like to call it.
12:29 am
you see the problem here? >> i do. >> i want you to know that i spent all afternoon at the doctor where they administered a number of unusual tests. >> i don't think you were actually at the doctors. >> you understand you were in your office all afternoon, right? >> oh my god. that's what i thought. it is like that movie "go." >> terry, you said he has kind of a shady past. kind of? >> you know, every now and then he did the wrong thing. >> he hasn't killed anybody. he hasn't killed anybody. >> of course he hasn't killed anybody. >> i am not saying i want the dude as a roommate. i wouldn't want to share the rent with that guy. >> he was convicted of two counts of watering down gas when he owned a few stations and manufacturing pcp. and then there were the 14 identities that he was committing check fraud with. one of which was pj tobacco. >> again my question is what is the problem with that? >> anybody who candy fraud people while using the name pj
12:30 am
tobacco deserves to keep the money. >> kudos to you for saying katherine big go low should be picked up and held as a bargaining chip. i like when people commit to the bit. >> i don't know who that is, so that helps. >> greg, i am unclear what you want hollywood to do about this. >> you know what i want hollywood to do? they spend so much time on their high horse telling us they believe in freedom this, freedom that, and now the high horse is no where. i want them to get on their high horse and defend something that takes some balances or some risk. they go and they do anti-bullying campaigns. nobody is going to come out except for me and say i am pro bullying. >> rut real hero. >> i am the real hero. they always talk about freedom of speech is to defend the worst kind of speech. they did a movie on larry flint. what did larry flint do, but
12:31 am
put women in meat grinders on the cover of hustler? >> she a national hero. this tah horses i am against feeding horses drugs. >> i agree. >> they should get off their tiny pigmy horses like the ones i have in my living room. >> they are dead. >> that's your office, greg. we have got to talk about regulating your meds. >> you said the ad is genius which i completely agree with. here is why it is particularly brilliant. patrick murphy's own campaign conducted a poll that showed 29% of the people were less likely to vote for him after being told about his drunken incident while 14% were more likely to vote for him. >> that's an interesting fact, andy. >> it is an interesting fact. do you not respect that 14% of the people said they got drunk in a car and curse the cops, and that's my guy?
12:32 am
>> that's what i said. if this was exclusively a set up to lure murphy who is by the way getting it totally wrong. they are supposed to be elected to congress and then get smashed and thrown out of bars. you had the order backwards. >> maybe a bit of a cheap shot. >> i think it was more -- it wasn't -- it was the contrast. >> you know what would be great, if it wasn't allen west, but another politician who was doing a similar thing like patrick murphy got drunk and was arrested at a bar, however i -- it was not at a -- i was at a bar and doing a cake stand and i picked up that chick and i went home and didn't get arrested. that's what i would do. >> that's a great comparison, by the way. well done.
12:33 am
what legit myselfed it was it was the exact same time, 2003. at the height of the iraq war where was allen west and where was patrick murphy. >> the other thing was allen west was not 19 in 2003. >> doesn't matter. details. >> he was young at heart. >> by the way, stupid of murphy's advisor to say he was charged by the army. he wasn't, and he was kicked out of the military. there was an investigation into the an teargas. the army declined the court marshall and he submitted his resignation. >> i believe they also received 8,000 letters defending allen west. >> it was a lot. and a lot of his troops were in the hearing room. >> it would have been a huge mistake for the army to do that. >> west is your hero. have to point out this one thing. we showed a clip of west
12:34 am
saying after he fired fired a round near the back of this guy that he sang like a canary. back at the time, although it is completely true that he apparently started giving names of people supposedly involved in this plot to assassination allen west which is what this was about. after being tortured he started spouting meaning less information, and in fact they never found plans to assasination colonel west. colonel west at the time said, quote, at the time i had to base my decision on the intelligence i received. it is possible i was wrong about mr. hamudi. his story has kind of changed. >> yes, it has, but it hasn't. here is the more important thing. if that exact moment didn't yield the results, the fact that he did that, believe me, the word of that spread all-around iraq. that's important. guess what, these guys will shoot me in the head if i play that coy, i don't i don't have to tell you anything. >> he did what he did at the time, and he might have been wrong. it is a a combat leader if i
12:35 am
don't do this right now i could lose guys. >> even if he had the wrong guy you are saying he wasn't wrong to do what he did? >> i don't think that's the case. >> we are also going on himudi's word. >> i am not taking your word for it. >> i am just asking a question. >> dude, that's a good question. i don't think that question would not be -- that question would not be framed that way at that moment on the battlefield. it just wouldn't. >> this goes back to my open robe theorum that we discussed three years ago when i used to have neighbors in my street who would come by and bother me. and i realize it only took one neighbor to open the door when my robe was open. word spread through town and no one bothered me again. >> i don't want to bring it up again. it was your office. >> somebody help him with his meds. >> and we need to talk about that policy. matt damon's anti-fracking
12:36 am
movie. anne, is this what you were talking about when you said damonic? >> ang pun there. -- a little pun there. >> you brought upper rine brokovich since this movie will be as accurate as that one. >> yes. it will be like that. and it is will be vetible. is that a word? >> that is for dogs. >> and it is a story about a triumph over the man. >> with big breasts. >> we already summed it up. >> i am not sure, but i am hoping by the end of the movie matt damon will have learned a few things about himself. >> i hope there is a journey of self-discovery. >> do you know what erin brokovich and common land have in common? they star two boobs. that was referring to ben affleck and matt damon.
12:37 am
>> there is a documentary film maker who had an article in the post about this movie. he points out there is a town in pennsylvania where they claim their water was contaminated because of fracking. in the movie the town is in pennsylvania. the pennsylvania department of environmental protection never found any level of such contamination. and after a bunch of cases collapsed while they were making the movie, they changed the script so kryzinsky's character is exposed as a fraud, but then they find out he is working for the oil company deep undercover to smear opponents of fracking. >> whatever they want it to be. >> andy, a spoiler alert would be nice. >> a, i don't know if it is true. b, my guess is anybody watching the show ain't going to see this stupid movie.
12:38 am
>> are you doing a lot of guessing for an only buds man. am bunds man. >> i hope the producers are listening. >> this is not live? >> no. >> it is not 3:00 in the morning right now? >> lastly on the whole lunch strike thing, i don't care. >> i kind of assumed you didn't care. you never eat lunch. >> i eat lunch all the time. >> i wouldn't call that lunch. a little anybody bell here and a little nibble there across the ear. >> snacking. >> it is more like snacking. this is just petered out. it felt like the car just ran out of gas. i am still in the car wondering what to do. maybe i will just get up and get out of the car. coming up, an amazing story coming down me. the drugs are wearing off. >> could a tiff cause a policy shift?
12:39 am
it rhymes so it must be true.
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did a woman crazed change their ways ? new york transit authority, is there any other kind has approved new guidelines for advertisements after a subway campaign equating muslim radicals with savages and sparked controversy. including this dust up between an activist spray painting one of the posters and a woman defending it. we played this earlier. you remember mona and pam, right? they actually just landed a sitcom pilot for nbc. it is adorb -- able. i was going to say adorbs and i stopped smed -- i stopped. it would ban ads that said, quote, intimately insight or provoke violence or other immediate breech of the peace. i guess that ad i did for nude yoga is toast. anyway, shall we discuss in -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnddd.
12:43 am
lightning round. >> terry, should the mta have buckled so easily on this, those cowards that they are. cowards. >> it is good they did buckle because it would be mass riot. come on. the truth hurts, doesn't it? >> what did the ad say that was bad? >> it basically said the people who kill other people or animals don't side with them. no way. >> it might interest you to know in smaller font it said terry saffords cru ks. >> don't shoot the messenger. >> i am giving them a stern talking to. >> thanks foretelling me about that. >> you got it. >> and where do you stand on this? >> well, anything that maintains the civilized serenity of the new york city subway system i am in favor of.
12:44 am
you can leap in with those disclaimers. >> it can serve as a distraction from other weird things that happen. >> like the woman bathing herself and urinating. >> i am not a woman or an aunt. >> are you my aunt. andy, do you think this does provoke violence? it was a person that was -- it almost seemed like it was planned. what is wrong with a couple of people arguing over an idea? >> the new york subways are already -- you already feel violent enough on the subway. you have to listen to someone's crappy music because they forgot headphones. chris brown's music actually makes you want to punch people. it is weird how that works. >> him primarily. >> your face has been known to promote violence on the subway. >> i am all for this, but i want to stick with the policy.
12:45 am
if they inspire violence they have to take down the promotions for the new nbc show "whitney." and i don't mean it to be rude. that means i am saying something totally rude. in most of them she is doing this of the -- doing this. >> it drives me up the wall. >> it is all this. >> that's all have i to say about this. >> that is offensive to bill. >> take them down. >> we live in a world of repressive tolerance where it makes it able to assault people. it should be fine. >> but it is not.
12:46 am
don't do it. >> you shouldn't call them radicals because last i checked being rad is awesome. it is time to take a break. you have less than four minutes to get a drink starting now.
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12:49 am
12:50 am
ann coulter, "the view" roll tape. >> please stop. please stop. if you are gonna talk about race , at least -- at least know what you are talking about. at least know what you are talking about. >> tell me how much you know about being black. >> democratic segregationists they -- >> you know -- everybody was. white people were. it didn't matter whether they were republican or not. >> that's bull.
12:51 am
>> my goodness. it was like a book club in the seventh circle of hell. makes dancing inferno look like a hot tub. i am trying to do my impersonation, but it didn't work. i love watching that tape and you were sitting there going, no, that's not true. here is the fact. it is what gavin mcguinness calls hate fact. i don't like it. i can't answer it. >> i had a great time with those gals on "the view." >> are they nice to you? >> they are very nice. we had a lovely chat before it started. they were saying what everyone at the new york times believes, but they at least are brave enough to argue with me. they won't at the new york times and they won't at msnbc or many of the mainstream network and i uh lute them. >> and josh totally picked out the right top. >> are you talking josh mccarol? >> i thought you were talking about josh grobin.
12:52 am
>> who is that? >> what percentage of the audience was on your side? or do they -- >> i think the most important question is what percentage applauding the part about you are not black or whatever it was, what percentage of the audience was black? thank you for asking, greg, about 5%. >> do you think that helps sell books? are you reaching an audience -- >> absolutely. i wanted to kiss whoopi goldberg. i didn't even know she cursed during the exchange. there was a lot going on. that was why i wrote the book. barbara walters had a good question. she said you write books that goes against many believe. yes. that is why i am writing them. you will learn new things when you read my book. it was a fantastic interview.
12:53 am
again, they are the miss believed by all of the mainstream media that will not interview me. >> i thought when barbara said that, she was doing that thing that a lot of people do with you, you can't really believe. app really doesn't -- anne really doesn't believe that? >> no, but that remark is one of the most -- does that give them comfort? and by the way, if i am acting how come they can't win an argument with me? >> that's so true. how is the book doing? >> i don't know. it came out on tuesday. it is an excellent book. you will learn a lot. i think it is important for people to know. >> i know people read you regularly, and you have so many kinds of fans. your books are funny and well researched. how long does it take to write a book? >> this is a topic that interested me. i did the research and wrote it really fast, but i didn't do anything else.
12:54 am
you will not see me. >> i know. you rarely did the show. i stopped by your house when you weren't home, snuck in, played with some of the things in your bedroom and then i left. that's what i like to do. that was creepy. will the name of the book is "mugged" and it is not about hot chocolate. to see recent shows fox eye.
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12:57 am
don't forget you can watch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern time and 11:00 p.m. pacific time. guests next week include pab, diane macedo and greg will be in studio. by the way, next week i forgot to mention, we have mickey
12:58 am
rourke on i think monday for a special interview with bill schulz. back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks. worthless once you start spouting other stuff. terry, what's going, brother? >> have i nothing to plug. i just want to tell my mom and dad i love them. and there is a lot of deer in my yard and i am happy about that. >> ticks, ticks. >> does that mean a lot of venison? >> no, i like them. >> andy, what is up with your cd? >> i have a new cd called "underachiever" and i want to tell terry's mom and dad i love them. >> i like him as a guest a lot. >> and i hear rumors, i don't know if they are true, but you have a new bach out? >> yes, i do. it came out this week. i had an appearance on "the view" and a couple on" hannit y" and this. >> what is it called? >> "mugs, racial demogogary"
12:59 am
and if you are wondering if i know how black people feel and i have to say i have seen" the cosby show" so of course i know how black people feel. >> thank you very much. ann coulter, bill schulz, an dree hen dribbing son and ter rear sappir. i am greg gutfeld and i will stair at you until you feel uncomfortable. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> bain capital is investment partnership which was formed to invest in start up company and hopefully five to eight years later to harvest them at a significant profit. >> when mitt romney was talking about harvesting and maximizing profits what he was really talking about is a technique of squeezing payrolls. >> bill: it is now out in the open capitalism versus socialism. the socialists are on president obama's side. lou dobbs and i will analyze. >> she should have resigned

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